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This page contains links that I have reviewed and consider useful and informative for elementary school children. These links have not been approved by any particular school and I make no warranty regarding their safety for children, although I have tried to only include sites that as best I can determine are kid safe.

Please note that I have certainly not performed any exhaustive search of the Internet for kid safe web sites related to science and mathematics. I'm sure there are plenty that are not listed here, so let me know if there is one I should add.

My personal opinion regarding elementary school children (Grades K-6) is that they should use the internet only with adult guidance and supervision.

Comments, feedback and suggested links may be emailed to me at: muondude at yahoo dot com.

You can also visit my personal web page: http://www.thelovedog.com/
(hey, on the Internet no one knows you're a dog!)

Don't be intimidated by Math and Science. It is very interesting and fun. I like understanding the world around me, and hey I'm only a dog!

Physical Science Links

Jazz's Measurement and Units Web Page
Links to great sites that discuss units, physical constants and measurement theory.

The Particle Adventure (http://particleadventure.org/particleadventure/)
The Particle Data Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory presents an interactive tour about the fundamental consituents of matter. Very Cool! Also has links to other physics sites.

Periodic Table of the Elements
Links to sites that discuss the periodic table and related science
Nice Periodic Table and information about the elements: http://pearl1.lanl.gov/periodic/default.htm

Very cool site with nice graphics of atomic structure: http://www.webelements.com/

Great site that uses Flash and QuickTime to display a graphical periodic table: http://www.chemsoc.org/viselements/


A real Periodic Table-Table: http://www.theodoregray.com/PeriodicTable/

Science News for Kids (http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/)
Science News for Kids is a new Web site devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 13. It is operated by Science Service, the publisher of Science News, is a nonprofit corporation based in Washington, D.C.

The Atoms Family Kids Science Site (http://www.miamisci.org/af/sln/)
Fun science demos you can do at home.

Physics Web (UK IoP) (http://www.physicsweb.org)
Institute of Physics web site with lots of news articles.

Nobel e-Museum (Nobel Prize) (http://www.nobel.se)
Who was Alfred Nobel? Who are the Nobel Prize winners? Did you know that Einstein did NOT win the Nobel Prize for his Theory of Relativity? For what great work did he win the prize?

Prof. Fu-Kwun Hwang Conceptual Learning of Science
Java applets that allow you play and learn physics! Great Site, fun billards game.

Control A Nuclear Power Plant (http://www.ida.liu.se/~her/npp/demo.html)
Java applet that let's you control a nuclear power plant.

Chemistry Links

Chemistry Teaching Resources (http://www.anachem.umu.se/eks/pointers.htm)
Umea University Analytical Chemistry Site. An attempt to present a comprehensive list of chemistry teaching resources on the Internet.

NIST Chemistry WebBook (http://webbook.nist.gov/chemistry/)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on-line source for information and data on chemicals. Might be a bit advanced.

The Ph Factor (http://www.miamisci.org/ph/index.html)
Fun site with activities from the Miami Museum of Science.


Everyday Math Student Site
University of Chicago School of Mathematics Program; web site for students.

Ask Dr. Math
Drexel University mathematics education site that has links for Elementary School mathematics education.

Purplemath - Your Algebra Resource (http://www.purplemath.com/index.htm)
Good site with lots of topics. May be easier for parents to read. Originally created for more advanced students, but many topics apply to what is being taught at P S # 1. Some discussion on problem solving and study habits.

Jazz's hints for solving math word problems (view hints)
Some suggestions on how to approach a math word problem.

General Links and Some Cool Tips

Search Engine Watch Article on Kids Safe Searching
Good list of search sites and tips for safe searching.

Kid friendly search engine.

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Homework Help
Homework help section of the DMOZ index. The Kids and Teens Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web for people under the age of 18, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors. Due to the large size of this index and related links I clearly have not reviewed it all.

KidsClick! was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System, as a logical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites.

Cool Google Tricks and Tips (http://www.google.com/)
Google is an awsome search engine! Here's some nifty was to use it.

Find a definition of a word: type definition:someword into the google entry field

Limit your search to a particular web site: type site:websitename your key words into the google entry field

Find a map for a particular location: type the location address into the google entry field
example: 1454 Euclid Street Santa Monica, CA 90404

Check out: Google Moon!

Exploratorium http://www.exploratorium.edu/
Housed within the walls of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, the Exploratorium is a collage of over 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits.

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Educational Science Toys for Kids.

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